Textile Laundry Tag

  • Textile Laundry Tag
  • Textile Laundry Tag
  • Textile Laundry Tag

Textile Laundry Tag

 UHF Textile Laundry Tag, with more than 200 industrial washing cycle times, capable of 60 bar pressure, stable and reliable RF performace.
One tag can be capatible the frequency and application of FCC, ETSI, and CHN.
Provide limited warranty service
With excellent read range comparing with similar sizes laundry tags.

The Textile Laundry RFID tags enable uniform companies, hospitality organizations, commercial cleaners, and medical facilities, woven RFID tags for ordinary linen, clothing, pillowcases, etc. It is specially designed to track the health textiles in the harsh environment of the entire laundry industry.

RFID Fabric tag is a formed by automatic production technology, ensures the consistency and reliability of its quality. In particular, excellent performance and falling costs in textile traceability solution, inventory management system,linen management, hotel management etc. Enable it to meet the demand for growing value and innovation.

Industrial washing.
Management of uniforms. 
Medical apparel management. 
Military clothing management. 
Personnel patrol management.
Textile Laundry Tag
Can customize size for customers.      
Soft material.
Smaller module inside the tag.      
Can stick under 60 bar pressure.

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