Epoxy NFC Tag

  • Epoxy NFC Tag
  • Epoxy NFC Tag
  • Epoxy NFC Tag

Epoxy NFC Tag

The Epoxy NFC Tag, which features Light weight, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture proof, flame retardant, easy construction, it provides a professional look and feel for your NFC project. It is constructed with PVC to allow a full colour print design, and a rounded protective layer of epoxy over the top to give its quality feel.

NXP NTAG213 chip with universal compatibility. Available memory of 144 bytes.

The NTAG213 Tags are compatible with all NFC smartphones and support write protection with password and other functions.

Epoxy NFC Tags are  coated with anti-yellowing and anti-aging epoxy resin.
The Epoxy NFC Tag is constructed with PVC and Epoxy materials. They can be applied to both metal or non-metal surfaces. With permanent adhesive they can be attached to almost any object(s), such as vehicles for distribution. With your artwork design printed, such as your logo, these really do provide a slick look and feel and will stand out wherever applied. 
Epoxy NFC Tag
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